We recently went to Finland. Here there were moomins, naked swimming and punk rock


So we went to France with Wild Johnny Stallion & Swine Punch, there was croissant.........


Welcome to the official home of The Stupids. Where have we been for the last 20 years? None of your fucking business.


The Stupids were formed a long time ago and have matured like a vintage Prosecco into something highly toxic and somewhat volatile.


If you wish to understand more of what motivates three seemingly docile sentient beings to such heights of musical depravity and brutal aggression, ask your psychiatrist because we have no fucking clue.


Our suggestion to you is as follows;


1. Buy new groundbreaking record 'The Kids Don't Like It' (no you can't have your money back if they do).


2. Come and see The Stupids for yourself at a venue near you and prepare for the musical pillaging of your pitiful existence. . . . .. . . . . . . . .




* These are flags from some of the countries we have visited. If you can see a secret code here, that's your problem


we don't LikE you



Hinomaru_364x254 frenchie Finland basque flag spain-state-flag-210-p dutch flag belgium flag