So we went to France with Wild Johnny Stallion & Swine Punch, there was croissant.........



Fresh from what can only be described as a triumphant tour of Japan, we look forward to our next show in London with punk legends Agent Orange.


We played with so many amazing bands in Japan who are all derserving of a UK & European audience. Here are just a few, check them out;


ADA+MAX Intense hardcore from Nagoya

UPSTAIRS Japans cutest all girl punk band

CONSOCIO SENTANSIA Blazing hardcore from Sendai


After a brief hiatus whilst Rossi underwent extensive undergarment therapy,  The Stupids are BACK, again!!. . . . . .


Just when you thought it was safe to put your strap on mohican on ebay. . . . . .


Needless to say we are prouder than ever and suggest that you improve your miserable lives by attending forthcoming musical extravaganzas and await further pronouncements.


You have been warned.


Welcome to the official home of The Stupids. Where have we been for the last 20 years? None of your fucking business.


The Stupids were formed a long time ago and have matured like a vintage Prosecco into something highly toxic and somewhat volatile.


If you wish to understand more of what motivates three seemingly docile sentient beings to such heights of musical depravity and brutal aggression, ask your psychiatrist because we have no fucking clue.


Our suggestion to you is as follows;


1. Buy new groundbreaking record 'The Kids Don't Like It' (no you can't have your money back if they do).


2. Come and see The Stupids for yourself at a venue near you and prepare for the musical pillaging of your pitiful existence. . . . .. . . . . . . . .


we don't LikE you

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